24 hours in IKMF

We have made a video clip that demonstrated a day in the life of IKMF. This we called "around the world in 24 hours". This clip emphasizes just how big we have gotten and strong and united we really are. By making this video we realized our founders, Imi, dream and vision regarding the distribution of Krav Maga to the world so that one may walk in peace. "around the world in 24 hours". This clip show our strong and big we are , However this blessing also have a downside. Being all over the world only exposes us to a variety of problems such as the women attacks in India and the active shooting the US is experiencing. As a result, and since we are the most influential self-defense organization, we are required to provide solutions on a weekly basis. Those solutions induces an inflation of techniques that gives local and immediate solution to the problem. No matter how good those techniques are, controlling and containing all of them is very problematic. Every week there is a new technique like the correct way to pull someone's tie, solution to gang attack with a plastic bag that covers the attacker's head. As a head instructor it is my duty to allow each and every participant to have this life saving information on the one hand but on the other hand containing this much information will reduce his skills abilities in "older" techniques. For this I have found several possible solutions:

1. Complete disregard the new technique from new solutions and accessing them only in seminars.

2. Putting the new techniques into the syllabus via the IKMF testing application and we will demand from each and every person to learn it before every test.

3. To work on open skills only according to the krav maga principles No solution is ultimate nor will it stand in the test of reality.


All are not feasible and has bad more than good ,Therefore, all that is left for me to say is that we need to simplify our techniques so that may stand in the ground rules of krav maga. Meaning: the first rule of " do not harm and other rules such as follow the circumstances in a natural way". If there is a technique that answers several situations, "one must prefer it over several techniques that gives answer only to a specific problem", and in the end to do what we do every day ]conduct daily evaluation along with the wonderful team of instructors our organization has to offer.


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