Fun day in the office

Another day at the office, but what a day it was !!!

Team building day began Wednesday morning when everyone gathered at IKMF headquarters the GIT and office staff. 

All together participated in a guided workshop aimed to enhance the social relationships in the workplace, to learn team working and most importantly to have fun together. 

Everyone really enjoyed it and laughed a lot, it had nothing to do with krav maga and all to do with togetherness of IKMF teams.

After the workshop we went to a restaurant, we were joined by Gideon ( head of the new IKMF branch in London) and dined together.

The day ended with everyone gathered back at IKMF headquarters and Avi Gifted the GITs with 5.11 and Ikmf outfits and they had a joint photograph. 

The experience has been so successful that we decided to have such meetings more often.

 fun day in the office


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