LE instructor course 2015 Israel

This was the first time we conducted this course in this format, in which participants from around the world and Israel, all coming from active LE units or orientation, practice and trained side by side.

During the course, participants had the privilege to visit Israeli military bases, around the 
country, where they trained with the soldiers, and witnessed the complexity in the north of Israel. The chalange of dealing with civilians and military blends together, and makes law enforcement even more complex.
During the visit at the paratroopers base, that our tactical instructor, Doron Balahcen 
arranged. participants experienced combat in CQB using paintball guns, in short distance
for the first time in their lives the participants experienced the feeling of entering a room
and get shot.
Failures in working with paintball led to blue evidence that decorated the bodies of the
the participants.
All in All it was a marvelous experience.