IKMF Train & Travel December 2014 summery

Tt 2014 Ikmf



A few days ago, we said goodbyes to the latest train and travel group. This project was a huge success, all the participants loved the program and the experience, they gave 200% from themselves and the GIT'S worked them hard accordingly.

This was one of the most special and most bonded group, they did everything together since Naomi came to welcome them all on the arrival day, until they had to leave for the airport. This made their experience so much more stronger. They have welcomed 2015 together as a group and even invented krav maga dance .

They lived and breathed training during their stay, if it's training on the bus on the way back from the travel days or after the hard and intensive training day was over, no matter how much exhausted they still trained at the tel aviv beautiful beach preparing for the next demanding day of training.

The GIT's worked hard and gave their all to this project and showed no mercy, Masada and Jerusalem appealed to their souls and provided them with a little bit of history from our amazing country, visiting Imi's grave gave them the feeling of connectedness to Israel and Krav Maga and the shooting range gave them all new and exciting experience, which none of them will soon forget and this day was chosen as the best day of the course!

It is with sad heart we depart from you, we had a wonderful time hosting you all, we will meet again no doubt about it, you leave us battered bruised but incredibly satisfied .

However, in my opinion, it is best to let you hear about their experience directly from them, here are some of what they wrote on Facebook:

" TRAIN AND TRAVEL ISRAEL 2014 - One of the best life experience THAT I ever haD in my life! We train together; we travel together; we eat together; we living together; we bleeding and sweating together; we shooting and fighting together; We Learn From The Best & We Enjoy Our Rest...Anyway, we suffer and enjoy fun together...We Don't Make Friends, We Earn Brothers And Sisters! IKMF - I can Kick your ass (especially Sunny's ass) Many times For free here! ; IKMF - is a family" – Sunny Louie, China


"My first official immersion into Krav Maga is complete. Thank you for a fantastic journey, International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). I left my comfort zone for a few weeks and now I want more." – Pierre Bonhomme


"Feeling sad and alone after 10 incredible days!"

– Rigica Tsangaris