Basic Do's and Don'ts

  • Always be alert - Krav Maga principles relay on the assumption that attacks have no rules.
  • Use the body's natural reflexes to self protect.
  • Defend and counter - attack as quickly as possible.
  • Use your body's natural weapons as well as common objects.
  • Take advantage of the human body vulnerable points.
  • Aim to those vulnerable points - never use force vs. force
  • Don't defend without counter-attacking
  • Try to avoid being injured

Krav Maga as a practical, creative and adaptable doctrine

Krav Maga is a innovative system that keeps evolving, developing and changing as result of practical street fights as well as real combat experience. Krav Maga professionals are constantly in search of new methods to improve the system further. Since the Krav Maga system has no "rules" personal creativity is highly encouraged.

A system developed to be used on the streets

Individuals practicing Krav Maga are aware that when defending themselves from an attack the conditions on the street are never constant and may change at every moment. This person may be attacked by multiple assailants simultaneously or by and single armed assailant or both at the same time. Acknowledging these circumstances, Krav Maga system emphasizes "no rules" training methods, allowing trainees to use the most compatible techniques for specific situations in which they need to self protect. This may include use of common objects as improvised weapons while using them to attack the opponent's weak point: the back of the neck, temples, eyes, neck, knees and groin.

Easy and approachable learning

All methods of Krav Maga self defense techniques are built on real human reflexes - the body's natural responses. By repetitive and regular training, these defensive measures become automatic almost like a second nature; this assures that when encountering an attack in real life he can instantly tap into those techniques. In general, Krav Maga incorporates a wide variety of defensive measures that exceed any other combat styles.