Israel Cohen

Expert 4 G.I.T & Head of Military and SWAT divisions

Born 1976 maried plus two kids. Served as a combat fighter in the Israeli Navy. Israel also developed a special team in the parahtroop recon, served and fought in 3 wars!

Israel started training in Krav Maga when he was only 11 years old under Avi Moyal and at 16 became a Krav Maga instructor, Learned Kiokochin karate, Jiu Jitso and boxing.

Israel joined the Israeli Secret Service and served for two years, served as security air marshal for another two years and another six years as a fighter and team leader in operational ISA unit. 

Today, Israel is a Krav Maga instructor for IDF elite units, an IKMF shooting and tactic instructor as well as a global instructor team member.


Israel Cohen


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