Shlomi Moyal

Expert 4 G.I.T & Head of Women and Kids Divisions

Shlomi, IKMF's head of the Women & Kids devisions, is 45 years old and married with four children. After more then 20 years of trainning different groups, forces & units around the world, CIC courses and numerous seminars, he decided to focus on what he calls 'the two groups which surely will use Krav Maga on a regular basis'.

Together with Avi, they developed the Kids program which trancended from Krav Maga drills to actual self esteem boosting tool that encorporates educational tools & thereputic insights that prove them selves around the world in IKMF Kids.

The 'Stay Away' program is his baby and consedered by far the best women self defense program in the world. taking customized Krav Maga to the extreme, this unique empowering tool enables women all around the world to walk safely without fear. those who took the course are 'infected' with the knowledge to understand women and the passion to help them walk in peace.


Shlomi Moyal Collage


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