LE Instructor course

This unique course is carried out with participants that are active SWAT and Law Enforcement personal from all over the world including participants from top Israeli Law Enforcement units. 

General Information

The course will take place in Israel on the following dates: January 15th 2016, starting 09:00 am to January 24th 2016 03:00 pm. A total of 10 days.

Participants should arrive to location the day before. This course includes accommodation and fool board.

Israel Tamir, head of Security and Law Enforcement divisions will instruct the course along with GIT Israel Cohen, head of SWAT and Military divisions, Avi Moyal, IKMF chairman and Head instructor and for tactical training and IKMF instructors Doron Balahcen and Dan Oren.

Course Objectives

The main goal of the course is to enable law enforcement personal, to act and perform efficiently as possible Krav Maga wise, when coming across dangerous situations. Law Enforcement personal from every kind of Krav Maga instructor training from sports event organizer through the Mall security guard, casino security guard, prison guard up to SWAT units within the country.

On completion of this course each participant receives a Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor certificate and the LE patch indicating his experties. This course offers the highest level of training for Law enforcement. The first part covers the security and the second part deals mostly with policing.

The course includes the Warrior 1-3 material (By IDF standards). The aim of the training is to prepare for the role of law enforcer and to give him the right tools and solutions to the complex situations he required to address.


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