IKMF 2018 plans

Starting the adventure :)

nothing is more exciting than heading back to the matt with a fresh start feeling, meeting friends, learning a new tecnique and graduate to a new level. this is going to be our greatest year with 90 branches in 5 continents, you are going to meet IKMF members from all over the world.

Soon, the best of you are going to join our instructor courses so you can follow your instructors, as someone said once; "a goal, is a dream with a date on it...". What is your Krav Maga goal this year?
See you on the matt,
We have made a short list of selected IKMF events, you might want to add to your plans this year:
2018 Events
IKMF members, remember you can join, free of charge, for one month, any IKMF club training in the world outside your country, by simply presenting your IKMF passport! when you travel, dont leave your IKMF passport at home, you never know when & where you will meet a family member!
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