this course will be conducted by GIT Israel Cohen early bird discount until May 17. Early bird fee: 2900 Euro.

The 2015 IKMF Military Instructors Course - Warrior's Quest is in Israel, ‎from October 9-17. This physically and mentally demanding course is open ‎to all certified IKMF instructors who, if they pass, will receive the coveted ‎MIC certificate. The course is also open to public and should they ‎complete the course they will receive a WARRIOR'S QUEST Certificate. ‎ A brief description of this amazing and grueling course: its a 9 days hike that is ‎‎470k in total walking distance that includes complete MIC ‎curriculum. Upon registration you will be sent a complete list of the items ‎needed and course outline. ‎ This is the toughest course we created up to date! ‎ We look forward to seeing those of you that want to challenge yourself to ‎see if you have what it takes to survive and complete this course.‎ Regards, avi moyal :)

for further information please contact our project manger GIT Marcus Torgerson: marcus.torgerson@gmail.com

Start: 10/09/2015
End: 10/17/2015

Registration fee: 75 EUR

Total costs: 3200 EUR

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