Intensive Training for Practitioner, Graduate & Expert Levels

Crash training offers a unique experience by providing participants with the opportunity to train alongside the world's leading Krav Maga experts, including Avi Moyal - IKMF Chairman and Head Instructor, Tamir Gilad - Head of Testing Committee, Israel Tamir - Head of Law Enforcement & Security divisions, Israel Cohen - Head of Military and SWAT divisions, Shlomi Moyal - Head of Women and Kids' Self Defense divisions, and GITs Shlomi Bouzaglo, Dan Oren, Orel Malka, Guy Bilya, and Doron Balahcen - IKMF Tactical Instructor.

Due to the overwhelming success and increased demand last year, IKMF HQ is continuing the P Crash Camp, specially designed for future IKMF instructors and leaders! Each camp focuses on professional updates, curriculum review, and diverse theme-based training. Trainees will also have access to professional lectures covering Krav Maga-related topics. The conclusion of each camp includes grading on the final day.

Crash Camp is an annual training event that covers ALL levels of Krav Maga. Similar to the Train and Travel, participants will have the opportunity to train with the IKMF Global Instructor Team. The Camp is divided into two sections: P+G Camps and E Camp. In addition to learning rank-specific techniques, participants will receive training across various Krav Maga sectors, including military, law enforcement, children’s, and women’s self-defense. Towards the end of the camp, there's an opportunity for participants to test for their next rank.

This training program is held at the picturesque Caesarea Sea Center, where the sea is just a one-minute walk from the accommodation. The price includes lodging and three meals a day.


The 2024 Crash Camps are scheduled to be held at the Caesarea Sea Center.

Settling in / Orientation Day: 
Participants are kindly asked to arrive at the Caesarea Sea Center independently one day prior to the start of training. The sessions will begin the following morning.


The standard program offers Full Board Double occupancy. Participants interested in upgrading to single occupancy are kindly requested to notify IKMF headquarters during registration. Last-minute upgrades will be avilable based on vacancy.

Daily Camp Routine:
   • Breakfast (included)
   • Themed morning training
   • Lunch (included)
   • Afternoons rank training and curriculum review
   • Evening lectures
   • Dinner (included)

The Facilities:
All Training will occur at the Caesarea Sea Center facilities. These include a beautiful beach strip within walking distance, inviting participants to unwind in the evening and relish the scenic views of the Mediterranean ocean.

More Info
P5 and G5 trainees as well as instructors are eligible to participate in both P & G / G & E Crash Camps respectively. Those who register for both camps are entitled to a 10% discount on the second camp (no stacking of discounts permitted). Grading during all camps requires additional payment in compliance with IKMF regulations. The registration fee is non-refundable. Participants are encouraged to arrange additional private training sessions with the Global Instructor Team (GIT).

A detailed timetable for each camp will be provided to registered participants approximately one month before the program begins. Registration for Graduate & Expert camps is exclusively open to IKMF members, and is subject to director's approval.