Join the largest Krav Maga family & learn the best and most effective fighting system available, used by Military, Special Forces and civilian organizations. IKMF, the International Krav Maga Federation, is the original and most veteran Krav Maga organization. Deployed and active in over 80 countries worldwide, IKMF declares it's main goal to distribute Krav Maga to all sectors of society, always maintaining a strong sense of family and close ties between its international members.

IKMF is lead by Chairman and Head Instructor Master Avi Moyal and represented by the highest-ranking Krav Maga experts in the world, known as the Global Instructor Team (GIT).

Krav Maga training is offered regionaly in North American, South America, Europe, Australia & Far East, Asia and Africa. A representing regional director bestowed upon spreading the doctrine of Krav Maga presents each region.

Each country (IKMF branch) is managed by a representing country director and the system within countries consists of instructors. Some IKMF instructors concentrate on teaching and training Krav Maga to the civilian sector, which includes adults, women and children. Other instructors concentrate on training and teaching Krav Maga to military, law enforcement and governmental units.

The strong ties between the various IKMF branches exposes IKMF headquarters to information on a daily basis, which allows us to learn of new challenges each sector encounters and provide unique self-defense solutions available only through IKMF institutions. IKMF places high importance on keeping up to date and constantly replenishing techniques and Krav Maga qualifications in order to maintain the lead in the Krav Maga arena.