Similarly to most sports doctrines Krav Maga self-defense system includes four elements;

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physical (fitness)
  • Cognitive

IKMF is considered a leading force in the tactical aspect thanks to its innovative line of thought in comparison with parallel self-defense systems.

This is expressed in the  "Time Line" principles, enabling us to make an isolated decision in terms of prevention range against any attack, meaning simply avoiding an attack altogether or counter-attacking at will.

The Fitness element is a continuous component of training which never received proper emphasis. Moreover, High fitness abilities are not a "must have" trait in the modern world, and Krav Maga is meant for everyone. Nevertheless, high levels of Krav Maga do require substantial fitness abilities.

Consequently, IKMF developed a new qualification incorporating known elements into a new course, titled "Krav Maga Fitness Instructor Course" or "REAX INSTRUCTOR COURSE" in short. This program teaches Krav Maga trainees to perform techniques with better tactical proficiency and improved technical skills.

The "REAX INSTRUCTOR COURSE" takes techniques apart to their various physical elements with aim to improve each separated element through a direct scientific approach that isn't necessarily connected to practical skills only.

This year, cognitive issues are handled through an entirely new, much more profound, approach.

Krav Maga requires physical, technical and cognitive skills. You have to scan the area, understand what is happening, and make split second decisions as your body moves. Practicing Krav Maga also enhances ones fitness and coordination.

The "REAX INSTRUCTOR COURSE" incorporates the cognitive component for the first time. Using a unique approach and state of the art technology (Nike Vapor Strobe), this qualification presents how to train your body and brain at the same time; explains the theory and demonstrate practical drills. The course incorporates scientific lectures and breakout sessions during which, drills will be explained and practiced. Participants will receive  hands-on experience and understand how cognitive training works. The combination of the tool and training methods enables you a complete experience. The tool we use, the Nike Vapor Strobe, allows to block visual information by creating a flicker effect at different levels of difficulty. This effect trains the brain to anticipate the movement of the ball or an opponent in the short durations that your vision is blocked.

Whether you are interested in IKMF’s Krav Maga Tactical Fitness course (Krav Maga without contact), or Krav Maga for self-defense course, improving cognitive capabilities could be of benefit to you.

This new and unique training program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Erez Morag. Dr. Morag has been developing training technologies for the past 20 years and led the cognitive training division in Nike. Dr. Morag will be part of the teaching team for this course along with IKMF chairman Avi Moyal.

Following demand and once acknowledging the marketing value of this course to IKMF instructors we designed this course, which includes both Physical & Cognitive fields providing the wide public outside the KM community a doorway to join our world in the future.

We truly believe that each individual should learn Krav Maga and in order to achieve this IKMF has created a new route to expose the public to the Krav Maga system.


The course is designated for certified IKMF instructors. Upon graduation of the course instructors will be certified to train & teach below seminars & programs within and outside the KM community:

  • Krav Maga Games Seminar
  • REAX Seminar
  • Cognition Seminar
  • Aggression Seminar
  • Combat Fighting Seminar
  • KM Power drills seminar
  • Fitness Course

The course is also opened to non-instructor IKMF members.

Upon graduation of the course non- instructor members will receive a participation diploma.

FYI, Cognition training is also offered a  three to four hour seminar by Dr. Morag via IKMF HQ.


the costs includes (double occupancy) accommodation at the Caesarea Sea Center (MERKAZ YAMI), including full board (3 meals a day) in the same compound. Registered participants who wish to upgrade to single occupancy and/or extend thier stay due to flight constraints are requested to alert IKMF HQ in advance.