In the beginning of the new year of 2013 we opened the Israeli IKMF Headquarters. We looked for sometime for the perfect place to accommodate all our needs: Training center, Offices, IT, Media and Production departments.

The place, which we found, has it all, but the best thing about it is the location. Only a short drive from Ben-Gurion international airport in the city of Rishon Le Zion, it enable trainees to come and train directly from the airport and be close to Tel Aviv's and Rishon Le Zion's night life.

The new place has state of the art multimedia system in order to conduct online live training with GIT’s and watch online, dynamic classes giving the trainees the opportunity to have direct approach to the instructor ask questions and have the closest thing to real practice as possible from a remote location.

also all the merchandise of IKMF krav-maga are located here and you can have a look or buy if you like

Its possible to come as individuals or with small groups and train with a chosen instructor of our GIT’s. To arrange a personal training session you can contact HQ, set a date, choose your instructor and the nature of the training and if the specific instructor is available we will arrange it for you.