What will Krav Maga look like in the future?

By Avi Moyal

First of all, some of us are not sure what Krav Maga looks like in present times. Well then, let's start from the beginning:

Krav Maga was developed by Imi as a solution to specific problems IDF soldiers encountered on a daily basis: Having to climb on rope/pass obstacles or take down a guard in a terror camp.

In Imi's days those solution were placed in a nice little booklet to make it look easy for the military Krav Maga instructors. The booklet was called "Krav Maga techniques". The term was taken from the Hebrew Dictionary "Even Shushan" where it said that the official translation for the term "Krav Maga" was "Contact Combat". Many years later the same booklet (always in use) was renamed as "self defense and unarmed fighting for the Israeli soldier".

That "Krav Maga Product" at was built by one person (Imi) for a single target (Military).

When Imi left the IDF he developed additional "products" based on the same logic; that Krav Maga is a system providing solutions and not a way of life like martial arts are. Imi added solution after solution for the civil sector, law enforcement and VIP protection field.

In present times it has become evident that, similarly to Karate, Krav Maga evolved into different variations. We can spot different types of Krav Maga; Israeli, American etc. This refers to the unfortunate fact that every system follows its individual leader, who practices and teaches Krav Maga according to his personal interpretation in terms of physique, source of knowledge and so on.

Following the above example you can spot many organizations following their local leader, while in comparison IKMFcontinues to follow Imi's original concept of the principles, not human beings.

This is exactly why IKMF was able to adapt Krav Maga to other segments of society such as women & children (as two distinct examples).

In summery; Krav Maga today is either a lot like Shotokan (the trainee must follow his instructor), and on the other hand we can spot modern Krav Maga resembling full contact Karate.

So what will happen to Krav Maga in 150 years?

As noted many times Krav Maga evolves nonstop. This is one of its most important qualities, constant updates that keep it current and practical. Techniques that are discovered as dated or irrelevant are put aside and new techniques are invented and presented all the time.

Keeping that in mind, the syllabus in a 150 years will probably resemble something like this:


An endless complex algorithm compiled of letters and numbers each presenting various parameters of range, distance, attack angles, type of weapon, assailant's velocity, visibility and other components we have yet to identify that when put together perfect technique and performance.

We are working constantly to diagnose all these variables a lot like the continuing work and research put into unraveling the human genome sequence at the time.

Instructors will arrive to training sessions in year 2161 holding up a miniature PC, upload their trainee's data and receive the technical solution in a finger sweep…

So what will close contact fighting be like in 300 years?

Most likely it will be a virtual combat of two opponents, each trying to dismantle the situation into mathematical components, both struggling to identify the winning technique =/ equation that is no doubt the solution for this endless algorithm.

Only the winner will be missing one basic thing - the satisfaction of seeing their opponent leave the scene with a black eye to remember them by, so enjoy it while you still can… 

In conclusion, I cannot predict the future for other organizations but I am certain as to IKMF's future Krav Maga; it will keep getting better, so if an alien someday lands on earth Krav Maga will be the system they will learn to handle their unarmed fighting with.