MIC - Warriors Quest

Military Instructor Course - Warrior's quest

Wq General

We wish to emphasize that the difficulty level of this MIC, is up to par with The IDF's elite units


MIC 2017, Israel

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This physically and mentally demanding course is open ‎to all certified IKMF instructors who, if they pass, will receive the coveted ‎MIC certificate. The course is also open to public and should they ‎complete the course they will receive a WARRIOR'S QUEST Certificate. ‎A brief description of this amazing and grueling course: it's a 9 days hike that is ‎‎470 km in total distance that includes complete MIC ‎curriculum.

Upon registration you will be sent a complete list of the items ‎needed and course outline. This is the toughest course we created up to date!. We look forward to seeing those of you that want to challenge yourself to ‎see if you have what it takes to survive and complete this course.‎

Course objective

Training Military instructors for elite units worldwide. This grueling 9 days quest will take you to the varies locations in which Israel fought long and hard for its survival. Participants of the quest will be led by GIT Israel Cohen and course head instructor GIT Marcus Torgerson and IKMF chairman and head instructor Avi Moyal. During the course there will be a unique training in regards to the self defense for an armed worrier, you will gain a variety of tactical skills from all kinds of Krav Maga sectors such as Law Enforcement, Military and VIP. You will learn how to use your rifle as a cold weapon, how to fight in pairs and how to fight in teams, how to navigate in urban and open terrain.

What's the difference between this course and regular MIC ? 

MIC is the Krav Maga technique tactics and knowledge for the soldier to do his job. this course qualify instructors to pass it on to soldiers. The Warrier Quest is a higher qualification that gives the instructors the 'SWAT' way of training and builds the mental and skills to overcome extreme difficulties.


Arrival day - From Ben Gurion airport arriving to your hotel in order to prepare yourself for the course. Attendence is required at 09:00 a.m. in IKMF HQ, Rishon Le Zion.

First and Second days - Boot Camp selection, leaving HQ and heading directly to Wingate military base's beach, where all elite IDF units conduct their selections. From this moment on you will be walking / transported by bus and sleep in the field.

The first days will be focused on selection, meaning checking your mental and physical abilities to enter the course. This boot camp will be run by GIT Dan Oren. Those who pass will get on the bus to the next stage. 

Third and Forth days - Military Boot Camp. you will gain basic warrior and fighter skills, starting with Warrior one curriculum and self-defense from frontal attack.

Fifth & Sixth days - We re-locate near Jerusalem, training on Warrior 2 curriculum, Military VIP, Pistol and Rifle shooting, Urban navigation and CQC close quarter combat.

Seventh day: Visiting the dead sea and climbing Masada mountain, Taking  the MIC test and Diploma ceremony for those who pass. Then move on to the next stage.

Eighth day - Squad and survival final drills.

Ninth day Final tests and ceremony.

Tenth day Sleeping it off in Tel Aviv.
Note: at any point during the course when you feel you've had enough we will have a pre booked room ready for you in Tel Aviv hotel on a B&B basis for the rest of the course.