VIP Instructor Course

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General Information

The course will take place in Israel on the following dates: Friday, October 26th 2018, starting 09:00 am to November 4th 2018 04:00 pm. A total of 10 days.

Arrival Day: Thursday October 25th, 2018.

Training begins: October 26th at 08:30.

Training ends: November 4th at 16:00.

This course is limited to IKMF members only and includes accommodation and full board, weapons and ammo. The course will take place in Israel, hosted by IKMF and conducted by the leading instructors and GIT's:

Master Avi Moyal - IKMF Chairman & Head Instructor and former body guard of reknowned VIP's worldwide.

Instructor Zero - Top world tactical and firearms Instructor.

Doron Balahcen - IKMF Tactical Instructor and former Head Instructor at "Elite"- Israel's top security academy.

Israel Cohen - IKMF GIT, Head of IKMF Tactical divisions. Former secret service and 13 years in the Israeli National Security Agency.

Course Objectives

Throughout the course and upon completion, participants will be provided with the Instructors' protection manual, Pictures and logo that you may use in adverts and to PR the subject, Articles that were published and may be published again, Lessons Plans, Testing form and more. You will receive a protection rank according to the course you have participated in:
An Instructor's course will credit the participant with an Instructor's Diploma issued by the International Krav-Maga Federation and a gold level rank. 

If you successfully pass the instructor's course, you will have a license to teach the subject of Krav-Maga VIP protection at security companies or with IKMF, (up to the Bronze level), the authority to open and conduct VIP body-guard Seminars and train groups. (One who does not pass the course's requirements will receive a certificate of participation, and will be able to fulfill his/her requirements in other courses, regular training or seminars, within 2 year after the original course).

Non instructors will receive Silver level diploma - Armed bodyguard. The instructor diploma will be entrusted with your director until completion of CIC.

Bronze (5 days) Topics in Curriculum:

· What is Security – General definitions, and types of security

· The role of the security guard in routine / emergency (NOT ARMED)

· Facility security

· Suspicious signs recognizing

· Questioning and preliminary check

· Preventing security (according to local law)

· Simulation

Silver (4 days - Advanced) Topics in Curriculum:

· Intro for Security

· VIP security

· VIP Security in movement (while walking)

· VIP Security in movement (while walking) in pairs

· Protocol for dealing with bomb suspicion

· Suicide bomber protocol

· Operational driving

· Scanning for bombs (in car)

· Fighting protocol and firing protocol

· Scenarios and simulation (class & Street)

· Weapon handling

· Shooting range

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