Guy Bilya has been training in Krav Maga since he was 8 years old, under master Avi Moyal, His current IKMF Krav Maga rank is Expert level 3.

Won several national competitions during 2004-2008. Served in the IDF as a fighter in a rescue and extraction elite unit, specialized in extraction of warriors and civilians, as well as in armed and unarmed breaching.

During his service, guy took part of countless operations performing breaching into buildings in close combat scenarios as well as extractions of warriors under fire and stranded hikers in unsafe terrains.

Following his release from the army Instructed Krav Maga and practice as a shooting instructor in 'Elite Academy Security Company', for two years, trained guards, security personnel, border control units as well as the railways security guards unit.

Guy Bilya's last employment was in a government (ministry of defense) operated unit performing operational duties and covert missions.

As part of that duty, guy was qualified in many fields including operational driving / riding, under cover tasks for the purposes of intelligence collection, and fighting hostile forces.

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