In 2010, Avi Moyal, Chairman ahnd Head Instructor of IKMF, appointed Laurent as National Director for Canada. Laurent travelled to Israel in 2012, 2015 and 2018 for Expert training. He is an Expert Level 3, one of the highest level Krav Maga Instructor in North America. In 2018, Laurent was inducted into the Expert Instructors Team (EIT), an elite team of Experts who is in charge of training Instructors and running events all around the world.

Since 2006 Laurent has trained thousands of civilians as well as police officers, the RCMP, armed and unarmed security guards, diplomats posted in high risk countries, mental health workers and bodyguards. He is recognized as one of Canada’s authority on security and combat tactics.


  • Member of the EIT (Expert Instructors Team)
  • National Director IKMF Canada (2010-2018)
  • Expert Level 3 IKMF (2018)
  • Certified Krav Maga Instructor for Civilians (2006)
  • Certified Law Enforcement and Security Instructor (2010)
  • Certified Executive Protection Instructor (2016)
  • Certified Instructor for children (2009)
  • 1st degree Black Belt Shotokan (1989)
  • 1st degree Black Belt Chitokan (2002)
  • Knife & Stick fighting - use of cold weapons - Use of firearms (civilians and security)


  • Psychotherapist specialized in addiction and violence (16 years experience)
  • Worked as a Counsellor for incarcerated violent offenders
  • Worked with women victims of violence

Laurent is well known for his pedagogy, sense of humour and patience and for creating a thriving learning environment, focusing on realism and coaching his students with passion to reach their maximum potential.

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