By Avi MoyalKrav Maga Techniques were primarily invented by founder, Imi Sde-Or, who was taught through life experience how crucial it is for every individual to have the ability to self protect, or as the slogan amidst Krav Maga practitioners say: "So that one may walk in peace".

This logic has developed further in regards of Krav Maga techniques into highly professional niches, providing interested sectors of the population the ability to learn customized Krav Maga techniques providing specific Krav Maga techniques qualifications in accordance with their relative surroundings.

The quo thought behind these created niches has become available thanks to Imi's flexible nature and his understanding that Krav Maga techniques have versatile "clients" in the civilian as well as in the professional arena. Nowadays His followers continue to promote and develop Krav Maga techniques further in harmony with that line of thought. As a result Krav Maga techniques have been adapted to each of separate sector, emphasizing relevant needs:

Military sector: So that soldiers may protect their country. Today customized Krav Maga techniques were adapted to military needs and surroundings. Military units undergo Special Krav Maga qualifications that vary from civilian Krav Maga techniques (for obvious reasons), supplying them with additional close combat solutions they did not acquire in terms of basic military training.

Law Enforcement sector: So that police officers and special police forces are able to better protect civilians using customized Krav Maga techniques uniquely created for their needs.

VIP protection employees: So that people working in this profession ameliorate their skills by learning relevant Krav Maga techniques in accordance with their profession and relevant surrounding and therefore can better protect lives.

Children sector: In this crazy world we live in wouldn't you want to know your child is able to protect himself using Kids Krav Maga techniques? Whether he is facing bullies at school or has to walk through dangerous neighborhoods on his route to and from school. Also, kid Krav Maga techniques provide children with good values, a sense of self control and confidence, helping them to become better people.

Women sector: A woman's necessity to be able to defend herself from sexual assaults needs no explanations. Teaching women Krav Maga techniques grants women real confidence in their ability to fight off attackers regardless of physical strength, by teaching them how to use the assailant's vulnerable points to their advantage.

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